Alpha Industries Coats and Jackets for Boys

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Coats and Jackets for Boys by Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries range of coats and jackets for boys are unrivalled in their hard wear – after all, they were created with military service in mind. Thankfully your little ones military use may just be aspirations at the moment, but even rough and tough play can be sustained by these coats. Replicas of real-life American flight and bomber jackets, this range is reinforced with softer polyester blends to soothe young skin but stays wear and tear resistant on the outside. Emblazoned with faux military-style patches, he’ll still look the tough guy, but a smart version; there’s no camouflage or flimsy materials here! These cleverly crafted jackets are ideal for all weathers, are water-proof, and there’s plenty of room underneath for extra layers as required.

As testament to the brand’s strength, you’ll still find Alpha Industries originals used by American forces personnel today, and traded readily in surplus stores by retirees and enthusiasts like. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for your little’un… and fingers crossed he won’t quite put it all through the ringer like they did!

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