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  1. Black Hooded Puffa Jacket Black Hooded Puffa Jacket 2 Colours
    Emporio Armani EA7
  2. Black Down-Filled Heritage Jacket Black Down-Filled Heritage Jacket
  3. Black Smooth Cotton Jacket Black Smooth Cotton Jacket
    £760.00 £380.00
  4. Black Leather Bomber Jacket Black Leather Bomber Jacket
    £610.00 £305.00
  5. Green Bomber Jacket Green Bomber Jacket
    £646.00 £323.00
  6. Navy Hooded Visor Jacket Navy Hooded Visor Jacket
    £360.00 £180.00
  7. Navy Kelvin Padded Gilet Navy Kelvin Padded Gilet 2 Colours
    £250.00 £125.00
  8. Black Long Jacket Black Long Jacket
    £516.00 £258.00
  9. Camo-Print Green Coach Jacket Camo-Print Green Coach Jacket
    £175.00 £88.00
  10. Black Leo Chain Reversible Jacket Black Leo Chain Reversible Jacket
    £865.00 £433.00
  11. Navy Polo Sport Windbreaker Navy Polo Sport Windbreaker
    £215.00 £108.00
  12. Green Ultra-Lightweight Jacket Green Ultra-Lightweight Jacket
    £299.00 £150.00
  13. Black Down Bomber Jacket Black Down Bomber Jacket
    Polo Ralph Lauren
    £299.00 £150.00
  14. Black Hybridge Jacket Black Hybridge Jacket
  15. Black Cotton-Blend Velvet Track Jacket Black Cotton-Blend Velvet Track Jacket
    £149.00 £75.00
  16. Navy Casual Jacket Navy Casual Jacket
    £700.00 £350.00
  17. Navy Hoody Puffa Jacket Navy Hoody Puffa Jacket 2 Colours
    Emporio Armani EA7

17 Products

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Coats & Jackets

This is huge section, covering all types of casual jacket, coat and outerwear.

Functional & Stylish Outerwear

There are many reasons for buying an outerwear piece from the purely functional - keeping warm & dry - to the simply aesthetic. At Zee & Co. we always want you to look good, so although we do functional, it’s always fantastic looking functional.

Clothing for a Modern Lifestyle

Modern outerwear takes in many forms; different weights, finishes, applications, shapes and functions. Today’s way of living, with controlled environments has consigned warm clothing to special events, with most outer wear being worn in the car or the bar. So lighter, easier jackets will do the job in most situations; whilst warmer waterproof coats are available for the more active outdoor life styles.

Huge Selection on Offer

Within this section there is something for everyone. Lightweight single skin cotton jackets, which are easy to throw on & dash; always remembering that the right weight looks good with everything. Various cuts and weights of leather jacket, distressed or smart, in classic colours. Military style jackets, with or without hoods. Overcoats and waterproofs, in warmer or lighter weights. The list of different combinations is endless.

Our selection of Designer Outerwear is unparalleled on-line. From the contemporary classic offerings from Hugo Boss, to rare Limited Edition pieces from the outer wear maestros at C.P.Company & Stone Island. A great line of casual jackets from Polo Ralph Lauren, there’s just too many great brands to mention them all.

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