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  1. Navy Nielsen Suit Jacket Navy Nielsen Suit Jacket
    £399.00 £120.00
  2. Navy Slim Fit Double-Breasted Jacket Navy Slim Fit Double-Breasted Jacket
    £700.00 £211.00
  3. Navy Uncon Jacket Navy Uncon Jacket
    £249.00 £75.00
  4. Navy Vintage Waistcoat Navy Vintage Waistcoat
    £109.00 £32.70
  5. Brown Virgin Wool Slim-Fit Two-Piece Suit
    £695.00 £208.50
  6. Black Slim-Fit Stretch Jersey Jacket Black Slim-Fit Stretch Jersey Jacket
    £319.00 £160.00
  7. Blue Hutsons Blazer Blue Hutsons Blazer
    £369.00 £111.00
  8. Navy Slim Fit Virgin Wool Suit Navy Slim Fit Virgin Wool Suit
    £575.00 £173.00

8 Products

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Suits & Fitted Jackets

In an increasingly casual market the role of the tailored jacket has had to evolve to suit the customer; the rule book has been torn up and now anything goes.

Smart or Casual? - You Decide

A suit or fitted jacket can now be teamed with anything. It's common to see suits worn with T-shirts & sandals, smart jackets with jeans & pumps, why not? The trend which was pioneered on the celebrity circuit has filtered down into mainstream fashion, and with the general relaxation of dress code in clubs, bars & restaurants, has become a fashion statement.

Classic Tailoring or Custom Cool

The modern take on the tailored/suit jacket is all about versatility, so they can be worn to cover a variety of different situations and functions. They tend to fall into two separate categories, the classic tailored suit jacket or the customised fitted jacket.

The classic version will contain a variation of the elements of classic suiting, a seasonal fabric, one, two or three button and usually single breasted. The custom version may take the same shape but would be hand customised to a degree. The customisation could be in the buttons, over printing or appliqué - this can lend a whole new slant to what was a classic garment.

So again it's up to you how you want to wear it. At Zee & Co we always have a large selection of suits and fitted jackets. For great classic separates look no further than Hugo Boss, Paul Smith and Hugo, for cool custom tailoring it has to be Hamaki-Ho.

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