Michael Kors Zip Up Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Men

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Michael Kors Zip-Through Sweatshirts & Hoodies

There's no easier way to layer up a casual look than by adding in a zip-through sweatshirt or hoodie. Whether it is a thick or thin layer, a sweatshirt or hoodie provide that extra layer of warmth and comfort you may be requiring, whatever the season.

Michael Kors are on hand to provide zip hoodies and sweatshirts in a range of colours, fits, styles and patterns. Whatever you're looking for, browse the collection and we are sure there is something that suits your needs. Whilst style is a prominent feature on Michael Kors garments, practicality is key on zip-through sweatshirts and hoodies. This is why they include multiple pockets, drawstring hoods, durable hardware and stitching that means that they can be worn time and time again.

Each season our team of experienced buyers are dedicated to providing you with brand new garments from each of our brands, and this is true with Michael Kors' zip-throughs too. So keep checking back to see the latest from the collection!

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