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  1. Red Packable Logo Bomber Jacket Red Packable Logo Bomber Jacket
    £415.00 £125.00
  2. Paris Pink Bomber Jacket Paris Pink Bomber Jacket
    £510.00 £153.00
  3. Brown Faux Fur Coat Brown Faux Fur Coat
    £349.00 £105.00
  4. Grey Multicoloured Faux Fur Coat Grey Multicoloured Faux Fur Coat
    £880.00 £264.00
  5. Beige Shearling Coat Beige Shearling Coat
    £2,385.00 £715.50
  6. Pink Faux Fur Jacket Pink Faux Fur Jacket
    £730.00 £219.00
  7. Black Velvet Lyvia Blazer Black Velvet Lyvia Blazer
    £345.00 £103.50
  8. Black Leather Perfecto Jacket Black Leather Perfecto Jacket
    £1,295.00 £388.50
  9. Khaki Short Jacket Khaki Short Jacket
    £600.00 £180.00
  10. Black C'Est Leather Jacket Black C'Est Leather Jacket
    £789.00 £236.70
  11. Burgundy/Black Double Breasted Cocoon Coat Burgundy/Black Double Breasted Cocoon Coat
    £785.00 £235.50
  12. Black Denim Jacket Black Denim Jacket
    £264.00 £79.20
  13. Navy Sheepskin Coat Navy Sheepskin Coat
    £1,495.00 £448.50
  14. Vanished Black Moto Jacket Vanished Black Moto Jacket
    £295.00 £88.50
  15. Black Tiger Bomber Jacket Black Tiger Bomber Jacket
    £455.00 £136.50
  16. Trishelle Tan Teddy Coat Trishelle Tan Teddy Coat
    Velvet by Graham & Spencer
    £285.00 £86.00
  17. Black Blazer Jacket Black Blazer Jacket
    Velvet by Graham & Spencer
    £365.00 £110.00
  18. Cream Faux Fur Merilyn Jacket Cream Faux Fur Merilyn Jacket
    £289.00 £87.00
  19. Black Janet Faux Fur Cropped Jacket Black Janet Faux Fur Cropped Jacket
    £299.00 £90.00
  20. Black Knitted Lamé Jacket Black Knitted Lamé Jacket
    £583.00 £175.00
  21. Black Shore Break Jacket Black Shore Break Jacket
    £423.00 £127.00
  22. Green Faith Jacket Green Faith Jacket
    £239.00 £72.00

22 Products

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Women's Designer Coats and Jackets

This is a huge section, covering all types of ladies' casual jacket, coat and outerwear.

Functional and Stylish Women's Outerwear

There are many reasons for buying a ladies' outerwear piece, from the functional - keeping warm and dry - to the stylish. At Zee & Co we always want you to look good, so although we do functional, it’s always fantastic looking functional. Check out Moncler for superb quality warm winter coats, with further options from the iconic Barbour ladies' collection.

Women's Designer Clothing for a Modern Lifestyle

Our range of women's coats and jackets represent the best of the designer labels, with cutting-edge design, on-trend style and practical features from brands such as Diane von Furstenberg and Alice by Temperley. Lighter, easier jackets will do the job in most situations, and formal blazer styles are perfect for an elegant evening function. Look out for fashion jackets from labels such as Canada goose, Traffic People, Patrizia Pepe, Pierre Balmain and Vivienne Westwood.

Huge Selection on Offer

Our ladies' outerwear range offers something for everyone. There are lightweight jackets which are easy to throw on; quilted Barbour jackets for everyday wear; padded puffa jackets for warmth and comfort; and overcoats and waterproofs in warmer or lighter weights. The list of different combinations is endless. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that there will be something suitable in the Zee & Co women's designer outerwear collection.

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