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  1. Tortoise Print Turtle Rock Mini Dress Tortoise Print Turtle Rock Mini Dress
    £221.00 £67.00
  2. Tortoise Print Turtle Rock Silk Mini Dress Tortoise Print Turtle Rock Silk Mini Dress
    £230.00 £69.00
  3. Ivory Cle'mence Mini Dress Ivory Cle'mence Mini Dress
    £195.00 £58.50

3 Products

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Dresses by Bec and Bridge

There’s no need to default back to the Little Black Dress now that Bec and Bridge have launched their collection of dresses – there’s so much more to choose from and they’re all guaranteed to be flattering!

Blending simple tailoring, classic cuts and bold tones, the dresses on offer in this range are timeless and can be worn again and again; they’ll never go out of vogue. Flattering fits suit all body types, shapes and sizes and ensure that a touch of elegance is brought to your ensemble no matter how much or how little you choose to accessorize it.

Bec and Bridge ‘bridges’ the gap between high street and couture by taking a basic dress silhouette and adding something to it that’s a little more catwalk… be it a frill, an unusual hem, an extra arm or some subtle detailing along the waist. Being sure to cinch in the waist and let out the hips and chest, this range works so that you’ll be sucked in and flayed out in all the right places for a feminine, flattering shape.

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