Women's Moncler Espadrilles

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Moncler Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a particular type of casual flat shoe, notable for their woven sole with esparto rope. The upper can vary. They have a vast heritage and are believed to have been designed over 4,000 years ago! Very popular in the Mediterranean states and North Africa, espadrilles are comfortable and light, and make a summery addition to any ensemble. 

Italian apparel brand Moncler seeks its design inspiration from Alpine towns and cultures within them. Espadrilles are particularly popular in France and Spain and so the Moncler range is true to tradition but with rubber soles and elasticised straps to allow for added comfort and long wear. These are not the ‘peasant shoes’ of yore, but rather fully-fledged designer footwear! Their staple thick weave is hard-wearing and stylish, updating the espadrille to a smarter tone and feel.

Espadrilles of this quality don’t need to be seasonal and instead can be worn year-round with a variety of outfits. There’s no need to store them away for months at a time when they’re this well-made and this beautiful!

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