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  1. Swim Black Zip-Through Logo Hoodie Swim Black Zip-Through Logo Hoodie
    £194.00 £97.00
  2. Black Sleeve Logo Hoodie Black Sleeve Logo Hoodie
    £520.00 £364.00
  3. Grey Side Popper Hoodie Grey Side Popper Hoodie
    £770.00 £539.00
  4. Grenoble Black Logo Hoodie Grenoble Black Logo Hoodie
    £605.00 £424.00
  5. Black Hooded Cardigan Black Hooded Cardigan
    £535.00 £375.00
  6. Black Tiger Zip-Through Hoodie Black Tiger Zip-Through Hoodie
    £280.00 £224.00

6 Products

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Women's Designer Hoodies

The hoodie is a really useful garment: practical, comfortable and warm, and a great layering piece.

Practical, Comfortable & Fashionable

Fantastic over t-shirts or under leather jackets, it's got attitude, it's sporty and it certainly does not deserve its reputation; a great piece in general and one of our all-time favourites. Like most sweats it is usually constructed of washed cotton jersey in various weights with rib hem and cuff and drawstring hood, for a classic style that is durable and comfortable.

Versatile Ladies' Designer Hooded Sweatshirts

The hooded sweatshirt comes in two main types; the zip-through cardigan style, which can be worn almost as a light jacket, or the retro over-the-head hoodie with side pockets based on the 50s track top. At Zee & Co we have some of the best examples on offer. Some, such as Franklin & Marshall and Juicy Couture, can come with large graphics, whilst others are more understated. In all cases we try to buy a matching pant, so look out for them online too.

So next time you’re out and about and the wind's whipping around your head, pull up your hood and stay cosy and warm. Remember we feature a comprehensive range of hooded sweats from all the big designer brands, including Franklin & Marshall, Free City, Juicy Couture and Wildfox.

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