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  1. Beige Embroidered Shorts Beige Embroidered Shorts 1 Colour
    £161.00 £48.30
  2. Black/Navy High-Waisted Shorts Black/Navy High-Waisted Shorts 1 Colour
    £270.00 £81.00
  3. White/Gold Frilled Shorts White/Gold Frilled Shorts 1 Colour
    £183.00 £91.50
  4. Pink Knit-Pattern Shorts Pink Knit-Pattern Shorts 1 Colour
    £385.00 £115.50
  5. Black Wild Moonchild High Cut Shorts Black Wild Moonchild High Cut Shorts 1 Colour
    £435.00 £130.50
  6. Lime Pleated Shorts Lime Pleated Shorts 1 Colour
    £205.00 £143.50
  7. Blue Wave Mermaid Shorts Blue Wave Mermaid Shorts 1 Colour
    £230.00 £161.00
  8. Blue Soft Knot Belt Shorts Blue Soft Knot Belt Shorts 1 Colour
    £250.00 £175.00

8 Products

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Women's Designer Shorts

The Zee & Co women's designer shorts range comprises everything from casual shorts to tailored city shorts. Whether you’re looking for a great pair of casual shorts for that essential beach holiday, or a smart pair of tailored shorts for business or a smarter occasion, look no further than our designer collections.

Contemporary Ladies' Designer Shorts

Like any lifestyle product the style of modern shorts is open to many different interpretations, and women's designer shorts in particular come in a huge variety of options. Cutting-edge design combines with traditional tailoring to create shorts for every situation, which you will find in our designer shorts collection online at Zee & Co. Look out for more casual styles from Juicy Couture, or fabulous tailored and leather versions from Diane Von Furstenberg and Finders Keepers.

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