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  1. Pink Logo Tape Sweatpants Pink Logo Tape Sweatpants 3 Colours
  2. Grey Logo Sweatpants Grey Logo Sweatpants 3 Colours
  3. Black Logo Sweatpants Black Logo Sweatpants 3 Colours
  4. Grey Alice Sweatpants 2.0 Grey Alice Sweatpants 2.0
    £85.00 £60.00
  5. Cream Sweatpants Cream Sweatpants
    Emporio Armani
    £80.00 £40.00
  6. Grey Lounge Logo Sweatpants Grey Lounge Logo Sweatpants 2 Colours
    £70.00 £35.00
  7. Purple Striped Sweatpants Purple Striped Sweatpants
    £288.00 £144.00
  8. Green Fleece Sweatpants Green Fleece Sweatpants 2 Colours
    Polo Ralph Lauren
    £109.00 £55.00
  9. Black Lounge Cuff Sweatpants Black Lounge Cuff Sweatpants 2 Colours
    £70.00 £35.00
  10. Brown Pique Knit Alice Sweatpants 2.0 Brown Pique Knit Alice Sweatpants 2.0
    £85.00 £60.00
  11. Black Stripe Sweatpants Black Stripe Sweatpants
  12. White Stripe Sweatpants White Stripe Sweatpants
  13. Pink Silky Style Trousers Pink Silky Style Trousers
  14. Black Stripe Sweatpants Black Stripe Sweatpants
  15. Pink Milan Zip Joggers Pink Milan Zip Joggers
    £266.00 £79.80
  16. Green Milan Zip Sweatpants Green Milan Zip Sweatpants 3 Colours
    £252.00 £75.60
  17. Pink Milan Zip Sweatpants Pink Milan Zip Sweatpants 3 Colours
    £252.00 £75.60
  18. Red Milan Zip Sweatpants Red Milan Zip Sweatpants 3 Colours
    £252.00 £75.60
  19. White Print Bottoms White Print Bottoms
    Ruth Erotokritou
    £203.00 £60.90
  20. Red Technical Jersey Trackpants Red Technical Jersey Trackpants
    £245.00 £73.50
  21. Black Sweatpants Black Sweatpants
  22. Blank Ladies Sweatpants Blank Ladies Sweatpants
  23. Black Track Sweatpants Black Track Sweatpants
  24. Cream Track Sweatpants Cream Track Sweatpants 2 Colours
  25. Navy Skinny Pants Navy Skinny Pants

26 Products

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Women's Designer Sweatpants

The ladies' designer sweatpant usually has a slightly retro feel being made of cotton jersey sweat, taking its name from the American sports jersey (sports top), or it could have a more contemporary design and fabric, such as soft velour with pretty embellishments. Whether you're looking for functional or fashionable, we carry a range of some of the best women's designer fashion sweatpants around.

The Perfect Casual Pant

At Zee & Co we carry many premium branded women's designer sweatpants which can be bought as separates or as full tracksuits. Our team of experienced buyers are out there sourcing the best that's on offer worldwide so you can shop from home. Every season you'll find the latest up-to-date offerings from all your favourite designers, right here, including up-and-coming brands such as Free CIty and Wildfox, and classic labels such as Franklin & Marshall and Juicy Couture.

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